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Welcome to Foothills of the Smoky's Quilt Shop!

Our shop is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Cosby,TN.

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When we make our t-shirt quilts we take care to provide a high-quality finished product at a fair price.

All materials are included in our prices. That includes EVERYTHING,

stabilizer, backing, batting, quilting, any sashing fabric if used and our labor.

We have four basic patterns we use, they are No Sashing, Sashed, Two Border and Framed.

No Sashing base price is $20

Sashed base price is $22 per T-shirt

Two Border base price is $24 per T-shirt

Shadow base price is $26 per T-shirt.

There will be an extra $10 charge per square if we have to do any extra piecing or combining pieces from different shirts required to make your shirts big enough. Sometimes the designs are too big to fit into a 14 1/2” square causing some of the design to be cut off.

Shipping prices range from $35 to $40 to ship.

A $100 down payment is required before we start.

When your T-Shirt quilt is completed,we will email you requesting the final balance including the shipping charge.

If you live in the Cosby, TN area and would like to bring your T-Shirts, please call the shop and make an appointment to come by and help design your quilt. Our t-shirt quilt makers are happy to see you in the shop to work out the quilt details. Otherwise please call the shop at 423-487-3866 to place an order.

T-shirts need to be clean, freshly laundered and uncut. We will not accept shirts that are dirty, smell or are already cut up.

 T-Shirt Quilt Pricing

 These prices are base prices not including tax or any extras.                                                                                            

              Number of Shirts                     Approximate Quilt Size                    Base Price No Sashing                    Base Price Sashed                     Base Price Two Border                Base Price Shadow


55 x 55






55 x 72






72 x 72






72 x 88






88 x 88






88 x 105